My Passion is to Help You Thrive in Business and in Life!


I Can Help You Thrive!

Transform your work life through Career Coaching, achieve leadership success through Executive Coaching, find happiness and meaning in Life Coaching, or develop winning strategies for business success through Marketing & Business Development Consulting

I Provide Targeted Coaching to Enhance Your Natural Talents

  • Obtain Clarity of Purpose
  • Define Your Personalized Vision
  • Recognize Areas of Significant Opportunity
  • Identify Your Unique Strengths and Talents
I help you utilize the best of who you are, and grow into who you want to be, to achieve your goals


Dan’s Passion is to Help You and Your Business Thriive!

Dan is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses break through limitations, equipping them to maximize performance, and inspiring them to achieve fulfillment

To “Thriive” is to:

  • Achieve Objectives
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Optimize Performance
  • Discover Inspiration & Insight
  • Succeed and Prosper
  • Celebrate Victory

To “Thriive” is to:

Dan’s mission is to help you Thrive!

He will help you land the career you really want, leverage executive presence in your leadership role, find fulfillment in life, execute marketing strategies for business growth, and energize and inspire your group to new heights

Why two “ii”s in Thriive?

Thriive Consulting Group is founded on the extensive experience that customized and personalized coaching is the most beneficial form of mentoring:

  • The company name, and the logo, represent the focused one-on-one mentoring that you will receive when you engage with Dan for your specific coaching engagement
  • You will receive mentoring that is tailored to your unique situation and needs
  • Dan utilizes deep expertise in your specific area of interest, providing results tailored to your unique goals

Dan utilizes his unique mix over 25 years of experience and expertise in Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Marketing & Business Development Consulting, Corporate Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, to provide focused one-on-one mentoring to help people achieve their desired goals in their careers and lives



I help professionals achieve their most ambitious career goals

I create a customized career strategy so you can attain the things you desire most in your professional life


If you are looking to make a career change, are already in career transition, or wanting to advance in your current role, I will accelerate the process in securing the career you want

I uncover your specific skills and expertise, and help you communicate those as professional values that make you truly stand out from the crowd, and deeply resonate with your target companies

As I connect you to your true motivation within yourself, and connect that to your work, you are energized and focused, you maximize performance, and you achieve the things you want most in your career
I am an expert in helping you find the connection to joy in your work
I help you achieve the career that maximizes your fulfillment and gives you the things you value most
Dan created Thriive Consulting to help Professionals Thrive in Their Careers
  • Connect with Your True Passion in Your Career
  • Attain the Career that Inspires, Empowers, and Achieves Fulfillment
  • Expand your Overall Effectiveness to Maximize Career Performance
  • Negotiate from Powerful Leverage to Achieve the Highest Compensation
  • Market a Brand Identity that Communicates your Unique Value Proposition

Dan helps professionals get highly compensated
for doing the work they love!

I work with executive level clients and senior professionals, providing them with exceptional Executive Career Coaching to help them accomplish their professional goals and achieve career optimization
  • Connect your Personal Focus to a Fulfilling Career
  • Define, Implement, and Succeed, in your Job Search Plan
  • Leverage Successful Interviewing and Communication Techniques
  • Articulate your Unique Value Proposition to Reach New Heights and Career Objectives
  • Gain a Clear Understanding and Comfort with the Most Effective Networking Methods
Put the last day of “work” behind you

I want to help you attain a career that connects you to your passion in life,
that motivates you, and excites you to get out of bed in the morning

The Thriive Career Success Program Provides a Compressive Suite of Services

I use deep expertise to help you unveil your purpose, identify your unique strengths,
and connect you to a fulfilling career

  • Coaching to Establish Career Focus
  • Career Focused Networking Training
  • Introductions Into Your Target Companies, Leveraging my 22,000+ LinkedIn Connections
  • Crafting of your Unique Value Proposition Communications (“Exit Statement” and “Branding Statement”)
  • Customized Resume Optimization
  • Cover Letter Optimization
  • LinkedIn Business Social Network Optimization
  • Accomplishment Story Interview Communication Coaching
  • Interview Preparation and Execution Coaching
  • Direction for Interview Follow Up Methods
  • Coaching to Gain and Leverage References
  • Coaching to Close the Process and Get the Job Offer
  • Negotiation Training to Maximize Compensation
  • Coaching to Successfully Manage the Balance of Your Career
Dan is Certified as an Executive Career Coach by the World’s Largest Career Management Company
In his Corporate Career Coaching role, Dan has achieved the distinction of achieving the highest client satisfaction rankings for Career Consultants in North America


I Help You Excel in the Art of Business
Increase your leadership successes by building and leveraging a powerful executive presence

Executive Transformation is Boundless
I enable you to empower, evoke, and leverage your unconstrained leadership capabilities

You will gain a competitive advantage by exercising your team’s collective genius to its maximum potential
The Thriive Career Success Program Provides a Compressive Suite of Services
  • Connect to a Powerful Executive Presence
  • Define and Achieve your Peak Career Goals
  • Build Confidence and Poised Leadership Skills
  • Define and Align New Organizational Strategies
  • Build a More Capable, Engaged, and Productive Workforce
  • Leverage Your Leadership Distinction to Drive Organizational Excellence
With experience derived from building an entrepreneurial business, executive leadership in a Global Fortune 500 Corporation, and leadership roles in Marketing, Business Development, Operations, and Human Capital Management, I bring knowledge spanning across the entire business enterprise
I guide you to create focused action plans and strategic initiatives, enable you to lead with motivation and manage your organization to excellence, and inspire you to achieve your loftiest objectives
Dan Helps Executives Excel
  • Identify Your Unique Leadership Attributes
  • Expand the Edges of Your Performance Envelope
  • Empower Your Executive Communication and Authority
  • Maximize Individual Performance and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Create an Agile Organization that Adeptly Navigates Structural and Market Changes
I guide leaders in connecting the individual motivations of team members to the mission of the organization, to earn their extra “discretionary effort”, to drive the highest levels of engagement and performance
Dan is Certified as an Executive Coach by the World’s Largest Career Management Company
I provide you with deep insight in leveraging management skill, maximizing your performance, and enabling you to achieve excellence in execution and leadership


I truly care about the individuals I help

I am passionate about working with you, and guiding you in aligning the most important parts of your life

I want to help you make changes in your life that will last
I’ll guide you to implement adjustments in your thoughts, behaviors and emotions, so you can thrive
Dan Helps You Assess and Prioritize Your Life Goals, and Then Align Your Patterns of Thought and Action to Achieve What You Want Most
  • Empower you to Achieve your Life Goals
  • Guide you to Adopt a Positive Outlook
  • Help you Convert Opportunities Into Successes
  • Mentor You to Achieve Individual and Professional Growth
  • Stimulate Feelings of Contribution, Value, and Self-Worth
  • Provide Focused Guidance to Help you Achieve Specific Targeted Objectives
Utilizing insight and compassion, I mentor you to a deep understanding of the things affecting you, and the actions that enable you to attain the desired course in your life
Dan helps you move beyond the things that hold you back, carve a pathway to healing, and guide you to achieve your best
  • Create Space for a Successful Work-Life Balance
  • Gain Resurgence of Energy and Enjoyment of your Work
  • Guide you to Find and Remove the Root of Problems
  • Increase Financial, Spiritual, and Emotional Abundance
  • Counseling to Help you Navigate Challenges and Overcome Obstacles
  • Relationship Guidance for Marriage, Dating, Family, Friends, Clients, and Coworkers
I can help you fulfill your full potential through focused life coaching
  • Empower you to Achieve your Life Goals
  • Guide you to Adopt a Positive Outlook
  • Help you Convert Opportunities Into Successes
  • Mentor You to Achieve Individual and Professional Growth
  • Stimulate Feelings of Contribution, Value, and Self-Worth
  • Provide Focused Guidance to Help you Achieve Specific Targeted Objectives

Explore and implement the possibilities faster than you thought possible

Together let’s awaken your passion for life, and enable you to thrive

Achieve Unbounded Opportunities for Happiness, Freedom, and Prosperity!
Contact me for a personal consultation and let’s explore what possibilities exist for you


Business development is the lifeblood of your business
My extensive career in marketing and business development has given me the insight into underlying business opportunities that lead to profitable business outcomes.
Dan Helps Business Owners Achieve the Success They’ve Always Wanted
  • Refine your Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Define Behaviors of your Specific Target Market
  • Create and Deploy a Winning Marketing Methodology
  • Control your Marketing Plan and Current Assets for Greater Impact
  • Help you Identify the Marketing Approach Best Suited to Your Business

I help clients gain a deep understanding of the most effective methods to communicate their business value to a target audience

I can help you identify what differentiates your business, and help you craft a unique value proposition that truly resonates with your defined market

Dan enables business owners to dramatically grow their business
  • Communicate Targeted Calls-to-Action
  • Methods to Craft your Unique Value Proposition
  • Implement your Business Development Architecture
  • Significantly Increase Conversions to Drive Revenue
  • Clearly Identify and Articulate what Differentiates Your Business Value
Understand and leverage the underlying principles of business growth, and implement the essential methodologies to increase sales and drive success for your business
Dan helps you articulate the value of your business and attract clients, to create powerful results
  • Identify Quality Untapped Target Markets
  • Embrace an Agile, Prosperous Culture of Wealth and Success
  • Maximize Every Sales Action Toward your Desired Outcome
  • Develop Marketing and Outreach Strategies that Create Leverage
  • Effectively Manage the Entire Sales Process, from Prospecting Through Close
When you implement a refined business development strategy that speaks to your client’s language, in a professional, and personalized approach, business is sure to follow
Let’s create a successful strategic marketing & business development plan that is personalized for you
Please contact Dan to schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation, or to answer any questions you have regarding the Thriive Success Program

Dan Wegner

Founder & President