Dan gave me a fabulous gift; he helped me find what I really loved about my work.
He led me through a process that allowed me to rediscover the part of my work that stirred me, and connected me to my heart.
Dan has a unique way of moving beyond the typical, and into the deep passion of a person’s life’s work.
I highly recommend Dan as a life coach.

Dan genuinely cared about me as an individual and provided compassionate coaching, enabling me to concentrate on what I wanted.
By helping me identify and understand what I valued most, Dan provided specific coaching to achieve my goals. He worked with me to focus on my unique skills and experience, target the right organizations, and help me attain a role where I can flourish.
I am grateful for Dan’s part in helping me grow and achieve career success.

I had the pleasure of working with Dan, and from the beginning of our work relationship Dan showed compassionate enthusiasm in coaching me and helping me to maintain a positive attitude.
Dan knows how to read his audience and is a straight shooter who brings real life experience in counseling his clients for top results.
Dan is a great people connector and facilitator who leads by example and shows a genuine desire to help people advance.
Dan is a dependable and professional resource who ensures he is giving his best when guiding and directing his clients to achieve their desired outcome.