Dan’s Executive Coaching was outstanding.
He helped bring clarity to the professional value I had created in my career, and the most effective methods to communicate my value proposition to my target market.
He really helped me in the evaluation of my professional opportunities.
I was most fortunate to have his services.

I have gotten to know Dan well over the past few months and can confirm he understands the language and operational focus of the executive suite, and communicates that in very targeted and applicable coaching.
He is responsive, candid, thorough, action oriented, and provides valuable information that has helped me land a new executive position. I highly recommend Dan as a coach.

Dan provided strategic guidance that was instrumental in helping me secure my new executive position, in a highly competitive market.
He helped me tailor my resume to emphasize key relevant skills, craft my communications plan, and market myself in a way that resonated both with me and my targeted companies.
It was a pleasure working with him, and I highly recommend his services.

Dan provides a unique and intuitive perspective of business strategy in his Executive Coaching. For me personally, Dan’s ability to look at client’s situations with his experience is invaluable in determining career strategies and next steps.
His corporate business experience gives him deep insight into the inner workings of the executive mindset, and the ways to leverage that insight to position me for success.

Dan provided excellent guidance to me in how to articulate my professional successes in a way that powerfully communicates my unique career value proposition.
He relates to Senior Executives with refined business acumen, while coaching from a perspective that leverages the nuances human behavior.
I highly recommend Dan for anyone interested in coaching during a career transition

Dan provided the best Executive Coaching I’ve ever received. His deep insight gave me unparalleled insight into the strategic methodology to connect my unique skills and experience to the underlying business needs of my target organizations.

I highly endorse Dan for any Executive desiring to achieve specific career objectives.

Dan’s passion for helping people shows in how he helps people achieve their best. He helped me build career skills that I’ll use for life – definitely helped my C-level job search.
I recommend Dan for anyone looking for the most effective Executive Coaching.