Dan helped me connect the pride of my accomplishments in mountain climbing to achieving career related goals. He caused me to recognize that accomplishing difficult goals, whether inside or outside the work place is a natural attribute of mine. That revelation from our discussions gave me a credible way to weave my entire capabilities into my career descriptions.

My career change did not exhibit any of the typical negative tendencies of career change; challenging, stressful or even somewhat frightening. The primary reason was due to the careful, considered and personalized advice and coaching that I received from Dan.

My sincere advice to anyone whom is in a similar position is to listen to Dan and, most importantly, undertake the activities that he prescribes.

Dan was an instrumental component of my successful job search. His effective strategies and expert guidance enabled me to land a position at a great company with a perfect cultural fit.

Dan Wegner was invaluable to get me focused on the steps to marketing myself. Dan is an outstanding career coach.
His depth of experience provided key information I needed to successfully gain future employment.

Dan clearly has so much passion and enthusiasm for what he does that it is impossible to come away from his one-on-one meetings or workshops without feeling inspired and hopeful, and even confident.
Anyone who is in career transition should come see Dan for guidance, encouragement, and to acquire the skills and techniques for landing the next great position.

Dan, thank you so much for the great coaching you gave me in interviewing skills, networking, and resume preparation.
Your help with the job search prepared me to be much more confident for my very tough interview. The networking tips that you gave me ended up landing me the job.

Dan is a results-oriented, personable career coach. He has provided immeasurable advice and direction for me in my career search. Dan consistently has provided expert guidance on all key facets of my career search: resume writing, target company identification, strategic advisement, best ways to follow-up on initial contacts, and compensation negotiation.
Dan utilizes both his coaching expertise and his business experience to help create a successful career search, in the shortest time frame possible.

I highly recommend Dan Wegner as a career coach. He was instrumental in helping me execute the updated career search strategies that led to my success in securing my new leadership role in the leading edge technology space.
Dan provided me the skills and coaching to successfully position myself as the most beneficial asset to help the organization overcome their obstacles and achieve their defined level of success.

Dan has been proven to be an exceptional coach and outstanding mentor, in helping me make the transition from a 30-year military career to the commercial business world.
He provided an expert plan of action to communicate my core strengths in a way that resonated with employers. Dan assisted me with creating a methodology to identify, and network into, my desired employer companies.
I would highly recommend Dan as a great guide on any journey toward finding a new career. He cares, he’s committed, and he’s compassionate to he struggles of transition. You won’t find better!!!

Dan’s obvious passion makes him inspiring to be around. He is high energy and made me excited and motivated about my job search. He has a detailed job-search path with measurable milestones to track progress, which is great; and teaches how to network effectively.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dan.