I had the pleasure of working with Dan for over 10 years. As a sales leader, Dan consistently achieved sales and business development goals throughout his career.
Dan’s outstanding sales performance can be attributed to his work ethic, team spirit, detail, organization, creativity, ability to follow company direction, and selling skills.
Dan is comfortable calling on the “C” suite but also understands the importance of service and relationships throughout the customer organization.

Throughout my marketing career, I have relied on Dan numerous times to help push our marketing efforts to the next level. He has always stayed on top of new trends and been able to help us fill gaps in strategies and execution so we could deliver marketing with high-impact results.
Dan is an individual of high-integrity and honesty and would be an asset to any as a marketing/business development partner.

Dan is simply put, one of the finest business development specialists that I have come across in all my years of business.
He has a unique ability to hear client needs and fit that to a quality solution. As I have watched Dan work, I have noticed an amazing commitment to excellence and follow through, always keeping his focus on client performance.
Dan has an ability to easily grasp a subject or new product offering and see how that can fit into the market as whole.
His clients love him, his co-workers respect him, and he is a fantastic team player, always willing to collaborate and participate in the greater good of the organization
Above all, Dan is someone I consider a true gentleman and a friend

Dan Wegner is a rare find. I have worked with him for the last few years and Dan has shown a remarkable capacity to uncover business development opportunities and provide solid solutions for his customers.
Dan is precisely this type of professional; he invests the time to understand his customers, their industry, and speak in their language. He is not prone to bumper-sticker sales pitches or pre-scripted/recycled monologues – but rather speaks specifically to the issues his customers face with great clarity and personal insight. It’s no wonder he has great customer retention.
Dan Wegner is a top shelf professional and one I am proud to be associated with – both personally and professionally.

Dan was most knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful career coach I have encountered in my professional life.
His personal follow-up and suggested recommendations both for myself and for my business were extremely valuable.

Dan is the best business coach I’ve ever worked with.
As I started my own company, Dan has consistently demonstrated an interest in my business and client relationships, and has helped me navigate the challenges of establishing myself in the professional marketplace.
As I’ve grown my client base and increased revenue, Dan continues to provide expert counsel and is responsive to the ongoing needs of my business.
I simply cannot recommend his services highly enough; he is a terrific business coach!

Dan created specific methods to develop and communicate my business’s value proposition in a way that deeply resonated with my target audience.
His insight helped to create a successful go to market strategy.
I highly recommend Dan for anyone desiring Business Development Consulting.